Monday, September 7, 2015

Kamba Ramayanam conference on April 10

‘Kamban Kazhagam,’ the 77-year-old Tamil literary association, which had been propagating and popularising the facets of Kamban, the medieval Tamil poet, has announced that the third International Tamil Kamba Ramayanam Conference would be held at Port Blair in Andaman Islands on April 10, 2016.
“Kambanum Iyarkaiyum’ (Kamban and Nature) would be the theme of the one-day conference and delegates would present papers on 32 different aspects of nature, the poet had dealt with in ‘Kamba Ramayanam.’
Visalakshi Kannappan, vice-president of Kamban Academy and managing trustee of the Kamban Samadhi temple at Nattarasankottai, released the theme and details of the conference at a meeting of the Kamban Kazhagam here on Saturday.
Giving details of the conference on Sunday, Pala Palaniappan, secretary of Kamban Kazhagam, said the conference is being held for the first time outside Karaikudi and about 120 delegates from around the world are expected to take part. “We have received enquiries from Malaysia, Australia, England and Sri Lanka and few more countries,” he told The Hindu .
The delegates could present papers both in Tamil and English and those who had authored books on Kamban and presented papers in the previous two conferences would be given preference to present papers , he said.
A team of Tamil scholars and professors would go through and shortlist the papers. The delegates should confirm their participation by September 20 and send their papers in CD to Kamban Academy, Karaikudi, or email to by September 30.
Each delegate would be required to pay Rs. 14,000 towards airfare and boarding and lodging for three days. The Andaman branch of the kazhagam would be inaugurated in the conference and its president T.N. Krishnamurthy would act as coordinator of the conference, Mr. Palaniappan said.
Over 100 delegates from around the world to take part in the third international conference at Port Blair

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